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Joseph Coyne - Plyometric training for combat sports

Episode Summary

Joseph Coyne is an exercise physiologist, sports scientist and performance coach. He has worked with a number of professional, world champion and Olympic athletes in Australia, New Zealand and China. Since recording this podcast, Joseph Coyne is now the Director of Athletics at the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai. He is the host of ASCA Podcast, a must-listen for any coach looking to improve their knowledge of strength and conditioning. An exponent of Jiu Jitsu.

Episode Notes

Explosive power and speed are crucial for fight athletes. Many fundamental movements of combat sports require an explosive component to be effective.

The most recognised fighters harness these qualities to connect with a lethal knee, evade an opponents attack or deliver the knockout blow. Becoming the best at combat sport requires training the qualities that contribute to these movements.


Plyometric training is considered advanced because athletes need to have proficient strength and stability through any movement pattern before adding any explosive component.

Plyometric training uses exercises that involve explosive power and speed involve jumps, bounds, sprints, change of direction drills, and med ball throw exercises.

Joseph Coyne shares his experience training these qualities in athletes. We talk about how he incorporates plyometric exercises in warm-ups for training and competition, use them to improve performance, and how they will help us avoid injury.

In this episode we discuss

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Website: Coyne Sports Injury & Performance Clinic

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